Sketching out a universe

Ever since me and Mathias started playing around with the concept of creating “The Journey Down” over five years ago, I’ve pretty much always carried a sketchbook with me and doodled TJD stuff in it wherever I’ve been. Whenever I filled my current book to the brim with sketches and doodles, I just started on a new one.

I stumbled upon my bunch of TJD sketchbooks today and realized that they’re starting to become quite the hefty pile of brain-pukes. So below I proudly share with you five years of thinking out the story, locations, characters and overall look of the Journey Down universe.

Here’s a look at what one of the sketches looks like after I’ve scanned it and done some early compositional tweaks, and below is my more or less finished backdrop, ready for insertion into the game. I actually implemented that very picture the other day and with flickering neon lights and all, I gotta say it wound up quite juicy.

What a fine opportunity to share some new music from our very own jazzmaster Simon D’souza. Fullscreen the new location and turn up the music -you’ll feel the ambiance envelop you like a sticky shower of cheap microwaved sparkling wine.

Kingsport bay street music by SkyGoblin

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