Magic of 2011

Looking back at 2011 I see two major events that have changed my life radically. The first one is probably quite obvious to those who know me personally – I became a father. An event so bombastic, I’m not even going to attempt to explain its magnitude. For those of you who are parents, you already know – and for those of you who aren’t, let’s just say I wish that you one day will get to experience the adventure, that it indeed is.

The other mindbogglingly amazing thing that happened 2011 is that I somehow, through some weird-ass force majeur act of the kozmik-space-gods, managed to convince the rest of the SkyGoblin team to take on my precious The Journey Down project, as a full fledged commercial one. How on Earth I managed to do so I have no idea. I must have struck ’em in a moment of weakness and delusion or something. (Similar to when Mathias back in 2009 said “Hey we should move our office to Tanzania for three months!” And the rest of us said “Sure!”, and so we did An event still unsurpassed in simultaneous insanity and geniality.)

SkyGoblin taking on the Journey Down project has meant something tremendous to me. What I suppose you’d normally expect from becoming a parent is that you’d have to flush all of your free-time activities down the drain, in order to spend as much of your off-work time as possible with your new little family member. This much goes for my case as well -zero free time is a fact- but with one major difference: I used to spend ALL my free time working on The Journey Down. Now I get to spend pretty much my entire workdays with TJD which means I DIDN’T HAVE TO GIVE ANYTHING UP. Which frankly is just plain amazing. I owe a lot to my fellow SkyGoblins. Not only have they enabled me to work pretty much full time with what I love, they’ve also all contributed bigtime with their respective expertises to the project of my dreams. For all of this, I am incredibly grateful.

Here’s me wishing that I’ll get the honor of continuing to work with you guys during all of 2012 as well.

Thanks, guys. Y’all rule.


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