Soundtrack launched + game at half price

Price cut in half

We have come to our senses and cut the price of “The Journey Down: Chapter One” in half. The game can now be purchased over at Desura for a meager $6.99.

If you’re among those people who purchased the game at its launch price (jah bless your lovely soul), don’t worry, we’ve got something for you.

Official soundtrack released

We are happy to finally announce the release of jazzmaster Simon D’souza’s one of a kind soundtrack for Chapter One of The Journey Down.

The soundtrack features a unique fusion of jazz, reggae and classic film noir music, all performed by D’souza himself. A perfect fit for the cultural mix of the game, and a perfect set of tunes to listen to in their own jazztastic right. The soundtrack is now available on bandcamp, and is free for all of those who purchased The Journey Down at its original launch price.

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  • Noel Ho

    Any chance the game will be released on Steam?

  • Silentgeargrandia

    I bought the HD version game from Indiegamestand and I thought it was good. However, I also decided to download the Classic version and it is NOT Windows 7 64-bit friendly. The screen froze on the title and I had to use the task bar button to bring the computer back to it’s usual resolution and then bring up the task manager to close the game. The HD version works perfectly though, and I really support this game, so maybe make a demo of the HD version for those who want to try before they buy that have the Window 7 64-bit OS?