Chapter Two launched!

That’s right. Chapter Two of The Journey Down has finally launched on Steam for Pc, Mac and Linux as well as on the app store for iOS.

To celebrate this wonderful occasion we’ve set the first chapter of The Journey Down free on iOS for a week, while the Steam version will be 90% off during the same period as well. Yes, we strongly hope to get you addicted!

The TJD2 pre-order campaign raised $4,213.81, exactly half of which will go to the construction of Mavuno Secondary School in Tanzania. A giant Thank you to all of you who supported us (and the school!) by Pre ordering. You are awesome.

The full TJD series consists of three games, of which the third one is currently in production. More on that later!


A humongous Thank You to these important people who helped push the envelope and make TJD2 the awesome game it now is:

Susan D’souza
Our awesome musician Jamie Salisbury
Our intern animator Emanuel Hamilton
The Awesome folks that make up STRAIGHT NO CHASER
Our programming wizard buddy Markus Larsson

And of course our entire cast, whom we have loved working with.

Main Cast

Anthony Sardinha
Cassie Ewulu
David Dixon

Additional Cast

Kamran Nikhad
Martin Billany
Joshua Tomar
Julisa Rowe
Alex Thomas
Marianne Miller
Robert S. Benjamin
Pete Donaldson
Owino Sangiewa
Sandra Beckles
Malcolm Ray
Ras Tonto
Edwyn Tiong
Jennifer Kanari
Renee Makau
Gibson Ndaiga
Peter Wellington
Maja Waern

And last but not least, thanks everyone who have supported our development by purchasing a copy of the game or simply by helping us spread the word on twitter and all that jazz. It makes a huge difference. We love you!

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