“The Journey Down” is a classic point-and-click adventure game title for the PC, planned to be released in four separate parts. The first chapter “Over the Edge” follows our brave pilot hero Bwana and his sidekick Kito as they, while trying to make ends meet, end up getting thrown into a twisting plot of corruption and adventure. The first part is scheduled for a 2011 Q4 release and is developed and published by Skygoblin in conjunction with Sweden based social game developer SkyGoblin.

A shortened, low-res, no speech version of “The Journey Down: Over the Edge” was released in the summer of 2010 as a testing prototype for the coming high-res commercial version of the game. This prototype has gained widespread love from the adventure game community, winning wide acclaim and many awards, one of them being the coveted “AGS Game of the year” Award.

The Journey Down is developed in Adventure Game Studio and features an all original Jazz soundtrack by jazzmaster Simon D’souza.

Commercial release features

• High resolution graphics
• All new character animations
• Additional puzzles, locations, characters and back-story
• A fully voiced cast
• An expanded soundtrack by Jazzmaster Simon D’souza