Articles Written By: Henrik Englund

Say hello to Bwana

One of our biggest fears for the development of the high-res version of The Journey Down has been that our main character, Bwana, would lose his characteristics and appeal in his transition to 3D. We have worked on Bwana’s model in small bursts and really want to find the right level of details to keep his look intact. To the left you can see the old 2D version and to the right the new 3D Bwana. I think we have managed to make him fairly close to his original counterpart!

The next step for me will be to set up the rig for animation. One of the more interesting challenges with Bwana will be his dreadlocks. I have been thinking of many pros and cons regarding integrating dynamics in the hair rig and I have concluded that dynamics will be too unpredictable in the long run. I do not like the thought of painting myself into a corner.

My plan is to set up a joint chain that holds 1 to 3 skin-weighted dreads and add an IK spline that will be connected to animated clusters.

Fun fact: Lots of character names in The Journey Down come from the African language Swahili. The name Bwana derives from Swahili and is translated as “mister” or “master”.

Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

After two weeks of building Nord content and having the exciting task of acting support monkey for the community, I will now start to set some keyframes for the The Journey Down. During my last journey down period I worked on the university hallway scene from the intro, and I managed to get halfway finished with the animation, hopefully I’ll get the other half done this week. A sneak peek at an un-rendered version of the scene can be seen here to the left


I hope the two coming weeks offer nothing but crap weather so I don`t feel tempted to sit in a park and chillax with friends instead of getting real work done. 😀

Playground building blocks for Nord!

This week we have mostly worked on different Nord tasks. One of all fun things we will add for next month’s Nord update is some playground building blocks! The building blocks will work similar to the chairs and sofas that we already have in Nord.

It’s 4 days left before I will stop working with this update so if you have any ideas for what you want us to add just comment on this blog post!

Live long and prosper