Articles Written By: Henrik Englund

First blast!

After some creative hours this week I’m finally finished with the actual character animation for the first part of the study room shot. If any one is interested, I have uploaded a pre-render to Youtube. The actor for Bozi’s voice is Anthony Sardinha, who is also doing the acting for Bwana, the main character of the story. Next step in the process will be to fix all shaders, lighting and to set up a beauty render for the final composite with the new animated high-res backdrop.

First scene ready for animation

After analyzing the first part of the game I’m now ready to start animating. The scene I will start with is the Study room. It has a good mixture of 2D and 3D animation so it will be fun to work with. Another nice thing with it is that it’s a free standing, non-interactive movie so we can freely experiment with the animation style. We have some ideas about how to mix the 2D/3D  animation but it’s always nice to pin down the style without any need for AGS code. In this scene Bozi and Bunga kick the door in, and start turning the study upside-down, looking for “the book”.

Preparing for Honor Night

It’s been a long and cold winter this year in Sweden, but finally we have the pleasure to work outside in the sun for the first time. Yesterday’s task was to finalize a promotional webpage for an event we host every third month or so, at our office. The event is called “Honor Night”, it’s a chance for friends we know in the industry to play retro games, have a drink and fight for great corporate honor! At SLX Games we always want to meet new friends in the industry so don´t be afraid to send us a request for an invitation.