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TJD2 wins Best Music 2014!!!

tjd2_ostWe just got the AMAZING news that “The Journey Down: Chapter Two” has won the prize for Best Music in the 2014 Aggie Awards!! The soundtrack for TJD2 was composed by the awesomly talented Simon D’Souza and Jamie Salisbury.

As you may already know, Simon passed away from brain cancer last year. I can’t begin to describe what a tragic loss that’s been. Theo, who worked closely together with Simon from the very start, has written a little about how they first met and the course of events that led up to Simon’s passing here: Simon.

Before Simon passed away, he recommended we get in touch with Jamie and ask him to help finish the music for TJD2. So we did and as it turned out, Jamie’s sound fit perfectly with where the game was heading.

In short, we had fantastic luck to strike up not only one but two top-notch composers for the game’s soundtrack! And as if that wasn’t enough, to top off the entire thing we got to add a couple of tracks by Simon’s old jazz band “Straight No Chaser” to the score! The tracks are from the “Navigation” album that Simon wrote back in 2013.

You can buy the entire soundtrack straight from Simon’s bandcamp page.
It’s only a few bucks and ALL MONEY goes to the The Brain Tumour Charity so go buy it :)

Simon D'Souza
Simon D’Souza
Jamie Salisbury
Jamie Salisbury

The Aggie Awards is held anually by and picks the best adventure games from the past year. 2014 was a particularly strong year for adventure games that saw a number of super high quality releases, so it really is humbling to see our game among the very best. TJD2 is also nominated for Best Traditional Adventure, we’ll see who wins tomorrow!


“The Journey Down: Chapter Two perfectly mixes the jazzy brass tones of Port Artue’s speakeasies and seedy back alleys with swelling orchestral pieces whenever the suspense ramps up – then reminds us it’s all in the service of good-natured, tongue-in-cheek fun, marrying its madcap on-screen hijinks with upbeat Caribbean flavour, sass and attitude.”

So what’s keeping the SkyGoblins busy nowadays? Well right now we’re bouncing around with joy from winning the Aggie, but apart from that, all three of us are working hard on designing TJD3. Every week we’re getting more rooms, characters and puzzles in place and even though it’s mostly placeholder graphics and placeholder music at this stage, most of the game is actually already “sort of” playable and – if I may say so – pretty damn cool! Still, there’s a LOT of work to do before we can even start testing the game on other people without getting a “WTF is this!?” response.

Well that’s what’s up, pretty much :)

Check out all the other winners at:


Happy times! :D Theo, Henrik and I are totally awed by the massive amounts of praise that The Journey Down: Chapter Two has received the last couple of weeks.

TJD2 has now reached the #1 position on the iPad Quality Index, making it the currently highest rated game, based on an aggregated score from professional and customer reviews.

It is indeed a very good time to be a SkyGoblin!

App Store User Ratings 5/5 TouchArcade 5/5 AppAddict 5/5 Softpedia 9,5/10 “REALLY NICE GAME AWARD” Pocketgamer 9/10 GOLD AWARD GameZebo 4,5/5  “The Journey Down is one of the best looking games around, thanks to its exquisite hand-crafted visuals..” - Kotaku  “This second outing is larger, ever so slightly more complex and considerably better put together than its predecessor, and loses none of its easy humour and rewarding puzzles.” - PCGamesN  “I am really struggling to come up with anything negative to say about this game..” “This is an absolutely fantastic and entertaining point and click adventure game..” “One thing is for sure, I certainly enjoyed this game much more than that atrocious new TMNT film.” - AppAddict

Chapter 2 pre-orders available!

Oh joy, we’ve finally got a release date set for TJD2 :D

The game will be available on PC, Mac, Linux and iOS on the 25th of August. Today we also start taking pre-orders so you can get the game at a discounted price of $5.99 ($8.99 retail price), with Steam keys and a free copy of the first game included at no extra cost.

Some of you might remember that I wrote about the Mavuno girl’s school project a while back. Ever since I was working with Mavuno in Tanzania I’ve been trying to find a way to continue supporting their work, and now we’ve decided to share 50% of the pre-order revenue with this project.

Indie game development + community development = AWESOME