Articles Written By: Mathias

My Garden goes live!

Today we finally launched My Garden, a project which Markus and I have been working on for a couple of months now. My Garden is a web based application geared at garden and irrigation planning that has been developed for Gardena together with a team of talented coders, artists, interaction designers and project coordinators over at Stendahls.

Following the current trend of gamification, Gardena requested an easy-to-understand and rewarding tool set for designing gardens, which is something we’ve gathered ample experience from developing Nord.

Apart from the design process, our work has mainly consisted of writing AS3 front-end and C# back-end code. All-in-all, it’s been a fun project and a good run working with lots of skilled people. So to all Nord players who have asked us we’re we’ve been hiding out lately, well now you know 😀

Elite Studio wins Honor Night IV


Thanks to everyone who joined in the party on friday! We fully packed both the office and patio and broke a quite a few records. This Honor Night had 15+ game studios, indie developers and other companies participating. Great Corporate Retro-Racing Honor was won by Elite Studio who were handed the extremely prestigious stone-frog-with-eyes-glued-on trophy.

Among the guests were Studio Freaks, Stunlock Studios, SimBin, Keldyn Interactive, Code and me, Combination, Erik Svedäng,  Johannes ‘johno’ Norneby, Apanbepan, Skout, Elite Studio, Stendahls, S&Ø Reklambyrå, iTiden, Apello, Hello There, Mindark, Kadinka, RedShift, DoTheRightThing and bunch of other devs and freelancers that I can’t think of right now.

And not to forget, Magnus from Mojo Caricatures who drew this cute race picture of Henrik during the event. Update: Here are some nice photos courtesy of Marco Ivarsson!

Magnus Olsson

What’s your IDEal weight?


Lately I’ve happened to install a whole bunch of IDEs while working on different projects and keeping up-to-date with the latest tools available. In my opinion, a competent IDE is often more crucial when it comes to churning out good software than the actual language, platforms and libraries you work with.

In fact, I believe in terms of productivity, proper support for code generation, auto-completion, refactoring and debugging has probably propelled software development at least as much as new programming paradigms the past 15 years or so. So surely we’ve come a long way since vi and gcc.

What always strikes me though is the increase of sheer download size, check this out:

  • MonoDevelop 2.4.2 (Windows) 36MB
  • Eclipse Classic 3.6.2 (Mac) 170 MB
  • NetBeans Full 7.0 (Mac) 204 MB
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (Windows) 2.28 GiB
  • Xcode 4 (Mac) 4.28 GiB

To be fair, you can’t really compare IDEs by looking at their download size because they usually offer very different features. Nonetheless, I find it amazing that Apple has somehow managed to engineer a 4GB+ IDE. Remember that this is mostly code compiled into various binaries so some people have actually written this. It would be fun to see how the size of major IDEs has changed over time, if you have a graph for that or a link to an article then please leave a comment!

In the above list Eclipse and Netbeans excludes the JRE, Visual Studio excludes .NET while MonoDevelop includes 16MB GTK#. Xcode seems to vary in file size but this was what I got when I purchased it from the app store a few days ago.