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What’s your IDEal weight?

Lately I’ve happened to install a whole bunch of IDEs while working on different projects and keeping up-to-date with the latest tools available. In my opinion, a competent IDE is often more crucial when it comes to churning out good software than the actual language, platforms and libraries you work with.

In fact, I believe in terms of productivity, proper support for code generation, auto-completion, refactoring and debugging has probably propelled software development at least as much as new programming paradigms the past 15 years or so

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. So surely we’ve come a long way since vi and gcc.

What always strikes me though is the increase of sheer download size, check this out:

  • MonoDevelop 2.4.2 (Windows) 36MB
  • Eclipse Classic 3.6.2 (Mac) 170 MB
  • NetBeans Full 7.0 (Mac) 204 MB
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (Windows) 2.28 GiB
  • Xcode 4 (Mac) 4.28 GiB

To be fair, you can’t really compare IDEs by looking at their download size because they usually offer very different features. Nonetheless, I find it amazing that Apple has somehow managed to engineer a 4GB+ IDE. Remember that this is mostly code compiled into various binaries so some people have actually written this. It would be fun to see how the size of major IDEs has changed over time, if you have a graph for that or a link to an article then please leave a comment!

In the above list Eclipse and Netbeans excludes the JRE, Visual Studio excludes.NET while MonoDevelop includes 16MB GTK#. Xcode seems to vary in file size but this was what I got when I purchased it from the app store a few days ago.

The Journey Down: Under the Hood

So there it is. The entire game structure of Journey Down: Over the Edge, neatly packed into a dozen JSON-files. It’s gonna be a struggle dissecting and making sense of this 1,6M pile of text and brackets.

Hopefully the full Adventure Game Studio source code will be made available as open source soon

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. It will no doubt come in handy as we super-size the first Journey Down chapter with new features and awesomeness.

If anyone is looking for the 3.2 AGS release I mentioned in the last post, it has been moved to a separate thread and is now available here. Cheerio!

Sunday bonus coding

A change of plans left me with a couple of free hours today and what better way to spend them than exploring the recently released source code and plugin API of the Adventure Game Studio editor?

Setting up the editor and plugin projects in Visual Studio 2010 was pretty much straight forward but lacking documentation will likely make for a bit of a challenge when figuring out the ins and outs of AGS.

Unfortunately, because of broken links on the AGS site I can’t download the latest 3.2 beta release of the AGS engine (which is not open-source, unlike the editor)

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. The AGS editor head revision is currently version 3.2.1 and incompatible with the 3.1.2 version of the AGS engine that I’ve got so I can’t run games from the editor right now. But with a uber primitive plugin in place I can still expose the game data structure from within the editor so I can start exploring and messing around with all that stuff while I wait for some dedicated AGS soul to fix the broken links