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We did it!

The kickstarter campaign for The Journey Down: Chapter three is over with 1,389 backers, and landed at kr409,237 SEK, so that’s a whooping 136% of the original funding goal. 😀 This means we made BOTH of our epic stretch goals, check them out here:

Now we’re going to go under radar for a little while and get some admin done

If you’re a backer, expect to get TJD1+2 keys within the coming days. Thank You for your support and patience!

Mini documentary

We’ve been running our indie studio for over ten years now. We decided to share some of our stories (with all of its glorious ups and painful downs) in a short mini-documentary. I hope you’ll find it interesting! If you take a look. please drop us a line and say what you think!

Thanks everyone who helped by backing and sharing the campaign

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. WE LOVE YOU! You truly are the ones making the magic happen.

TJD3 Video interview from Gamescom

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TJD3 Kickstarter and cast

Though Chapter Two of TJD got glowing reviews, it has been difficult to truly reach out with it to media and players. Maybe because people have a hard time dedicating themselves to a game when they know the series is incomplete, or maybe simply because our PR effort on the chapter two launch was lacking. We did pretty good financially the first year or so after release, but since, revenue has been dwindling and now it’s pretty clear that without seeking additional funding, we won’t be able to make the final episode nearly as grand as we had wanted. Hence, kickstarter!

That’s right, we will be running a Kickstarter campaign for the third and final chapter of the Journey Down trilogy! We plan on launching the campaign during October, and promise you to fill it with tons of juicy behind-the-scenes updates and other similar treats that we have gathered along the development of the trilogy so far

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. There will be loads of previously unreleased footage from our various escapades such as goofing around at various expos, media trolling and other adventuresome shenanigans we’ve taken on under our wonderful years as SkyGoblins. We’ve been running the company for over 10 years so it’s quite the treasure trove of things that we look forward to sharing with you!

goblinsTheo, Mathias and Henrik at Gamescom 2015

So, we just got back from an awesome couple of days at gamescom where we’ve started spreading the word about the coming kickstarter as well as showing off some new pics from TJD3.

What we’ve got to show off so far are mostly character portraits but come the actual campaign, there will be a lot more delicious eyecandy from TJD3 to feast your brains on!

The story, script and puzzle design for the final chapter is pretty much all in place, all we need to do now is secure funding for the last part of actual production. The end is nigh, and bombastic! So, keep your eyes peeled for more info as the Kickstarter campaign closes in!

For now, we will leave you with some highlights from the TJD3 cast:

Click the image to download a zip file containing all character portraits in their original resolution.