Nord is a peaceful world where you can design and build your own village, hang out with your friends and explore lots of awesome and exciting places. Grow and share your crops to reach higher levels and unlock more features such as horses, race cars, witches, teleporters, dance moves and much, much more!

Instead of just running around killing monsters, Nord is a place where you party and have fun! Nord is free from violence and full of wonderful islands, villages, mazes, race tracks, clubs and farms, all built by players. Creativity is key and your imagination the only limit!

Nord characters and logotype


Nord is free to play and does not require an installation – you can play directly in your browser.

The game is set in a rich 3D environment with a wide range of landscapes such as forests, dungeons and deserts. Each new player expands the world further by adding a new island that can be uniquely designed using over 800 different building blocks – with more building blocks being added all the time. Nord features unique and non-violent gameplay that promotes a friendly atmosphere for people of all ages to socialize and have fun!

Cooperation in Nord is key to success. To level up in Nord you need to gather various resources. Different levels have different resources. These resources are found in various places in the Nord world. Some of them are lying around in forests, some need to be planted by yourself, and some can be found in villages belonging to other users. Nord is all about making friends and sharing resources among one another. You will quickly learn that cooperation in Nord is key to success!


To run Nord you will need a graphic card that supports OpenGL 1.2 and has atleast 64MB of memory on it. For the game to run smoothly we recommend a processor that runs at atleast 1 Ghz and 512 MB of RAM memory. You will need Java 5.0 or newer installed.

Nord screenshot from our facebook app

The game is downloaded to your computer via a technology called Java Web Start which is an integrated Java component. If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows or Linux (You who are, are probably aware of it, so others can ignore this) will have to run a 32 bit version, since there is still no 64 bit support for Java Web Start.