The Sisulus

blogcopterThe dreaded Sisulu airship

I figured I’d show off some progress on the cutscenes as well as introduce some of the players in TJD2. This time, let’s rant about the Sisulus.  The Sisulus are a bunch of ruthless mist-pirates, a constant thorn in the side of all commercial transports around Port Artue. The Mister’s guide says the following about Mistal Piracy:

“The Outer Cross is also notorious for harboring a vast network of pirates and other criminal gangs, who become virtually untouchable in the maze-like cliffs that make up the area. The pirates regularly perform raids on commercial vessels making their way to and from the Pango Kubwa locks.”

Needless to say, these guys are also interested in what all the hullaballoo around the Journal of the Journey Down is about, so expect these fellas to get mixed up in the plot as well!

sisuluplaneThe Sisulu airship is full of these things: “Cleaver” VTOL attack planes for raiding and looting.

The cast: The bartender

bartenderLike a real life bartender, he sucks as a hint-system, but he does make some pretty good conversation once you get him going.  This guy runs what’s perhaps the sleaziest joint in all of Port Artue, and he’s proud of it. This is where the decent folks go. If you’re rich enough to visit the classy joints in town, you’re not welcome in his bar.

The voice is that of Kamran Nikhad, who also does another major character in TJD2, that of police chief Barlow. More about him later!

In other news I’ve been working on cutscenes for a couple weeks now and am making kickass progress. Hoping to show off something some time soon…


The cast: Ride Reynolds


First of all a quick update on the update I did the other day. uhh. We’ve actualy got TJD2 running as a beta via steam now for PC. It went a heck of a lot faster than we expected to get it running. Working on getting the Mac and Linux steam builds running now as well. (Mind you it’s still a very closed beta).

So we figured it’s about time we start introducing the  cast of TJD2. We’ve got quite the sweet lineup of characters waiting for you. Let’s start with one of my personal favorites:

Voiced by the ridiculously talented Joshua Tomar, this cabbie draws heavy inspiration from classic blaxploitation movies and is just about the most hip street hustler you’ll find in all of Port Artue. Need a ride somewhere? Ride Reynolds is your man.