Sketchin’ TJD3

Got some nice TJD3 sketching done this week! We’re still at a very rough sketchy phase but I figured there’s no harm in showing some doodles nonetheless. Nothing here is by any means set in stone, it’s all just brainstorming right now.

First off: Some trucks! TJD3 is by no means a truck-game, but apparently I’ve had this suppressed need to draw trucks that finally boiled over and culminated in this burst of heavy-vehicle sketches. As you can tell by the overall style, TJD3 does not aim for the 40’s noir setting of TJD2. We’re heading for more of an 80’s setting this time around.  Changing the tone of the game really allows for us to have a lot more fun with the development (since it doesn’t get too samey) and we get to explore new tropes and new ideas, which should result in a fresh new experience for both developers and gamers alike. :)


So, the basics of the TJD3 plot are more or less figured out, but we’re still at the stage where we’re trying to decide which characters will become major ones and which ones may wind up getting less screen time. Below is a sketch of our news reporter with no name, who seems to be having a sort of April O’neill-ish type of role. She works for the Armando News Network and covers the riots. Yes, as you can tell from the sketches, there will be riots. More of this as it unravels!


In other news, TJD1 is free on iOS right now, and likely will be for a couple of days, and TJD2 recently got a brand new five star review from mac informer. All’s swell!


Happy times! :D Theo, Henrik and I are totally awed by the massive amounts of praise that The Journey Down: Chapter Two has received the last couple of weeks.

TJD2 has now reached the #1 position on the iPad Quality Index, making it the currently highest rated game, based on an aggregated score from professional and customer reviews.

It is indeed a very good time to be a SkyGoblin!

App Store User Ratings 5/5 TouchArcade 5/5 AppAddict 5/5 Softpedia 9,5/10 “REALLY NICE GAME AWARD” Pocketgamer 9/10 GOLD AWARD GameZebo 4,5/5  “The Journey Down is one of the best looking games around, thanks to its exquisite hand-crafted visuals..” - Kotaku  “This second outing is larger, ever so slightly more complex and considerably better put together than its predecessor, and loses none of its easy humour and rewarding puzzles.” - PCGamesN  “I am really struggling to come up with anything negative to say about this game..” “This is an absolutely fantastic and entertaining point and click adventure game..” “One thing is for sure, I certainly enjoyed this game much more than that atrocious new TMNT film.” - AppAddict

Breathing again

So now that the huge launch-storm of TJD2 has sort of settled, we finally have the chance to take a breather and talk a little bit about what’s currently going on. Well, first of all we’re still trying to summarize and get an idea of what press coverage we’ve managed to score with TJD2. Some notably awesome things include a glowing review over on Rock Paper Shotgun, a pocketgamer gold award, as well as a five star review by toucharcade. Needless to say, we’re very proud. :)

So what’s next? Well, yesterday we launched trading cards for TJD1 over on Steam and intend to launch them for TJD2 asap, since we’ve been hearing many people request those. We’re also planning a small patch of TJD2, adding some polish over some rough bits and also patching up a couple tiny bugs. We’ll also be extending the behind-the-scenes thing with some more material about the cast, since we feel they’ve been somewhat neglected in it all. This is not an update we are rushing however since the current build -across all platforms- is shockingly stable and as we well know from our previous experience: Ever time you update something, you break something. So we’re being very cautious this time.

Another big slice of news is that TJD2 now is available on Desura, which is where TJD1 originally launched, before we had partnered up with Steam. Oh and in other news, we plan on launching the extended TJD2 soundtrack over on bandcamp… soonish.

Hopefully an update some time soon about our progress with TJD3 as well, but no promises. We still haven’t really had the chance to focus on it full force yet, but I’m positive that we will soon enough. :)

Thanks for reading and as always thanks for supporting our development!