Cinematic ramblings

Friday evening for me has been spent just the way I like it, all by my lonesome, painting on backdrops for the new fancy version of The Journey Down.

Contrary to the prototype version of JD, the  major cut-scenes of the high res version will be 100% non-interactive movies. “I love being able to skip dialog and mess with timing! Why take this away from me?” – I hear you ask. Let me enlighten you!

A non-interactive cinematic comes with a bunch of nice pluses. One of them being that we can sync acting with sound and music 100%, which is something that sort of only came half way in the prototype. Another big plus is lighting and animation. We can do so much more fun and living stuff with our scenes if they are pre-rendered.

Just you wait until you see the two goons heading down the Agibo university hallway in the new version. Ohboy:)

JD prototype on seem to have some sort of annual roundup of free games that are worth your time, and I just woke up to find out that the prototype of The Journey Down, has wound up on such a list. A pleasant thing to find out while gurgling my morning coffee, to say the least.

To be frank I’ve been too lazy to check up on the other games on the list but I did notice Ben Chandler’s brilliant ~airwave~ was on it as well, if you haven’t taken the time to play this little masterpiece yet, I strongly recommend doing so.

Goin’ talkie

Casting the roles in The Journey Down has been anything but a walk in the park. Fortunately for us though, we seem to have now ended up with an incredibly competent and dedicated cast, all hellbent on helping us make sheer storytelling magic together.

Pictured here is Scott Stoked, a Canadian voice actor who does the voice of the Dock master in Kingsport bay. Scott does a bunch of different voice works for all sorts of cool projects, some of which you can check out here.

Stay tuned for more info about the rest of the gigantic cast! (And the actual Dock master, for that matter.)