New Nord vehicles

So far this devblog has focused solely on our Journey Down development, but to be frank, this doesn’t reflect our production here at SLX Games very well.

Fact is, a very large part of our time is dominated by managing and building content for our online game Nord. This week, me and Henrik will (among other things) be focusing on the annual Nord race tournament, which should be taking place a couple of weeks or so from now.

Apart from a wide range of other random loot, the coming update will feature tons of new building blocks for race tracks, as well as a couple of new shiny race cars, one of them being this nearly finished model shown here.

Makena’s Diner is taking shape

I finally got the high-res version of this backdrop ready, there’s still quite a lot left to do on it though, this room is supposed to be heavily animated. Water, flickering lights, flaming torches, smoke from the chimney, not to mention the crowd of visitors in front of the diner, and Makena herself, all make for some rather heavy (yet delicious) projects on their own. I hope those of you who have played the prototype version of the game, see nothing but improvements!

Sunday bonus coding

A change of plans left me with a couple of free hours today and what better way to spend them than exploring the recently released source code and plugin API of the Adventure Game Studio editor?

Setting up the editor and plugin projects in Visual Studio 2010 was pretty much straight forward but lacking documentation will likely make for a bit of a challenge when figuring out the ins and outs of AGS.

Unfortunately, because of broken links on the AGS site I can’t download the latest 3.2 beta release of the AGS engine (which is not open-source, unlike the editor). The AGS editor head revision is currently version 3.2.1 and incompatible with the 3.1.2 version of the AGS engine that I’ve got so I can’t run games from the editor right now. But with a uber primitive plugin in place I can still expose the game data structure from within the editor so I can start exploring and messing around with all that stuff while I wait for some dedicated AGS soul to fix the broken links