Sunday bonus coding

A change of plans left me with a couple of free hours today and what better way to spend them than exploring the recently released source code and plugin API of the Adventure Game Studio editor?

Setting up the editor and plugin projects in Visual Studio 2010 was pretty much straight forward but lacking documentation will likely make for a bit of a challenge when figuring out the ins and outs of AGS.

Unfortunately, because of broken links on the AGS site I can’t download the latest 3.2 beta release of the AGS engine (which is not open-source, unlike the editor)

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. The AGS editor head revision is currently version 3.2.1 and incompatible with the 3.1.2 version of the AGS engine that I’ve got so I can’t run games from the editor right now. But with a uber primitive plugin in place I can still expose the game data structure from within the editor so I can start exploring and messing around with all that stuff while I wait for some dedicated AGS soul to fix the broken links

Setting up Bozi for Action

Something i have learned form earlier middle-size game projects consisting of few team members is that its impotent to find a fast and solid pipeline. It is easy to stumble on making every part too advanced or too time-consuming. Or just spending to much time on loved details that never end up in the final product. After analyzing how much work it will be just setting up our characters for animation I decided to buy an Auto Rig tool. Hopefully I can save around two days on every character this way

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After digging around the net for a good solution i found Rapid Rig. It’s an Auto rig tool made by Dustin. The price tag for this small but awesome tool is 40 USD. The rig is far more advanced than the ones I regularly build on my own(for better or worse), after spending some time with it though, I’m beginning to understand it’s inner workings. It’s always good to know how the rig works in case it breaks a later stage. I have also implemented blendshapes to the rig so we hopefully will get some nice facial animation.

Now it’s time for me to grab another cup of black magic!

A daunting task ahead of us

I spent the day yesterday trying to get an overview of the amount of content work we have ahead of us, and I must admit, once I had checked the few things that were done off of the list, I felt a bit bummed

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. On the art side, we have a lot left to do. (Note that all rooms are not even featured in this list, (!!!))

On top of this backdrop list, we have a another bizarrely long  list for characters and animations that, to say the least, is a bit intimidating. Fortunately for us, this is the stuff we love to do. It may look like slow progress in the big picture, but here at our workstations, pixels and polygons are being slapped in place by the second, and I’m happy to report that what we have so far is looking very promising.