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Features and reviews of “The Journey Down” prototype

DIYgamer feature.
Jayisgames review.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun feature.
Game Set Watch feature.
Indie game mag review.
GameZebo review.
AMO review.
TK-nation review.
PC GAMER Feature
IGC Feature
GAMASUTRA Best of indie games
INDIE GAMES Freeware Game Pick 101 free games pick
Review on HardyDev
Review on the Slow down
Review on CaptainD’s PC Gaming Blog
Official GAME JOLT profile
Feature on (Swedish)
Spelfeber feature (Swedish)
Familjenspel feature (Swedish)
Kraid feature (Swedish)
Level7 feature (Swedish)
Quicken feature (Swedish)
Player1 feature (German)


“The Journey Down” Interviews and development features

Interview on Joystiq
Interview on Alternative Magazine Online
D’souza interviewed on AMO
Interview on the Slow down
Interview on Zombie Apocalypse
Interview on (Swedish)
Interview on (Swedish)
Podcast interview on level7 (Swedish)
Thoughts on backdrop art
Backdrop pitfalls
Sketches and Deleted scenes


“Nord” features and reviews

MMO reviews – Nord Review
BBG Site – Nord Guide: Tips for Creating a Good Garden
Play BBG – Nord Review – SLX GAMES släpper Nord på Facebook