Contract work


With eight years of experience as a team we now have an extremely efficient pipeline and turnover rate when engaging new challenges. Our deep understanding of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses allows us to produce incredibly complex technical and visual solutions in what other larger, bloated companies would most likely perceive as development at lightning speed. Our clients include advertisement agencies, communication companies, IT companies and a wide range of infrastructure planning agencies.

Are you looking to outsource any of the following?


• Games for web, download or handheld devices. • Database or other back-end technical solutions.
• Animation, 3D modeling or illustration. • Online or premium SMS payment solutions


Specific technical competencies


• Android • Microsoft IIS
• IPhone • Microsoft VB.NET
• Java SE, Java EE, Java ME (Mobile), Java WS (Web Start) • Microsoft ASP.NET
• Flash • Microsoft C#
• HTML/DHTML/XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS • Apache
• PHP • MongoDB, CouchDB
• C/C++ • OpenGL, DirectX, Direct3D (Realtime 3D)
• Python, Ruby, Perl • SMS and Card Payment Solutions
• Microsoft Access


Some of our clients

Throughout the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with a multitude of companies on a vast range of different projects.